We are sorry we cannot provide customers with enough English information, especially with weekly blog posts that notify and show our art-relevant exhibitions and activities. The followings are simple translation matters of our static web pages and may not suffice for your needs. If you have any question, inquiry, assistance as to use our facility as an art gallery, please let us know. We are happy to help you.

The History of Sakaimachi Garow

The premises of present Sakaimachi Garow were built as a kimono store in the early Meiji period. The house had been used for a doctor’s office until 1982, when it was converted into an art gallery with an old Machiya atmosphere. Ever since, numerous exhibitions, concerts, movies, talks as well as other cultural activities beyond the genres have been held here.

There was a former kitchen across the narrow passage court behind the main gallery. This interesting room– with the earth floor and walls, bare beams and members along with the thick main prop lit by a skylight high on the roof– was done over in 2001 to become an annex “New Space” for the gallery’s own collection and mini live concerts.

In 2004, the New Space became the main gallery, and since then, exhibitions have been limited to those of one to two-artist shows due to the size of the room.

With natural lights and breezes coming through, the gallery space enjoys the Machiya’s good qualities; water sprinkling and old electric fans to send away summer heat, hibachi and kerosene heaters to avoid winter cold. Lacking modern air conditioning facility, Sakaimachi Garow is closed during the hottest and coldest periods (July-Aug. and Jan.-Feb.)

As for English information about the gallery, so far we provide the visitors to this web site only with this “Information” section and its sub-pages written in English. The other sections such as Gallery Schedule are in Japanese only. If you are interested in our shows and events, we are happy to answer your inquiry through e-mail that is shown below.

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